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Training for Greatness

Poll Position was founded in 2015 by Sara Carew when after many years of training and coaching in various disciplines, Sara decided that her passion was in the biomechanical field and began to study, research and qualify in this area enabling her to specialise as a biomechanical coach. 

Sara has ridden and competed her own home produced horses throughout the country in all disciplines as well as riding for top equine breeders, backing and reschooling youngsters, retrained racehorses, blogging and writing articles for magazines and mentoring instructors. Sara is passionate about creating biomechanically correct strength and longevity in horses ensuring that they can perform to their best ability without restriction, focusing on eliminating detrimental gadgets and using confidence giving support for the horse to aid understanding, correctness through the gait and a healthy self carriage with the goal to reduce performance related injury rates in equestrianism. 

Poll Position offers coaching, products, courses and much more while Sara continues to deliver demonstrations and presentations worldwide, team up with other key professionals within the field and continue her research enabling her to produce cutting edge products to ensure the horses longevity in his ridden career.

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