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Poll Position UK offers coaching, demos and innovative products to ensure the health and happiness of the horse throughout his ridden career.

Sara Carew, Biomechanical Equestrian Coach, founder, is passionate about improving the horses suppleness and strength in the correct manner to promote the longevity of the horses ridden career.

After extensive training and studies, Poll Position now has an impressive portfolio displaying the positive impact made to the equestrian world using biomechanical training.

With further coaching, mentoring instructors, blog writing and creating new innovative biomechnical products, Sara's goal is to dramatically reduce performance related injury rates in equestrianism.

Take a look at the newest innovative product, Poll Position Audio Coaching, an essential schooling aid for horse and rider of any level. Equestrians are going mad for this gadget free improvement coaching.

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Client Testimonials

"Thank you so much for my Audio Coaching headset. My young mare is coming on incredibly thanks to the education and exercises regarding balance and reconditioning. I also use my headset to to listen to my music whilst i do yard chores, walk the dog and head out for a run so it has multiple uses for me."

Jessica B

"Finding time for regular lessons was proving so difficult with my job. Having the Poll Position Audio Coaching i can now have lessons as and when i like with no booking or planning needed. It suits my hectic lifestyle and i can feel the difference already in me and my horse as we work through the lessons."

Abbie B

"I'm so glad i was recommended Poll Position not only for the reconditioning clinics, but also the products which help me train between lessons. The Posture Corrector has really helped my position that i didn't even realise had started to slump as i ride alone most evenings. The Audio Coaching has also helped keep me motivated during dark, cold evenings when i would have usually decided not to ride."

Zoe M


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